22nd May: A Snippet

 If the world was ending, how would that feel? What would you do? Would you still be doing the job you are doing, or would you do something else? Would you have regrets, or would you have explanations? Would you scream, would you cry? I was sitting by the window one day, and the sun faded out like some video transition. A yellow dust storm faded in, the wind roared through the entire state. I remember, distinctly, my swing’s chain breaks apart, giving in to the painful force of the wind. The car fighting to stay on the ground - it happened before we could even blink - it ran in, swept lives apart - destroyed everything. A calm rain followed this event - sometimes the calm comes after the storm. Sometimes, like this storm, things happen suddenly and life moves on calmly post it. The same happened in this city, with this family and me. I fell in love, quickly and it came to an end just as quickly. Everything else happened suddenly too, without a warning. The world collapsed, the walls fell apart one more time. 


           “Hi Yukta, I am Adra”, she replied. She was so pretty. Her hair was cut short, just a little over her shoulders. My hands almost held her face, it was difficult to resist. It felt warm and tingly in my stomach. A weird feeling to have. Who am I? Yukta. That’s the extent of my existence in this world. I met her, on that day - it’s been almost a year now, and my love for her hasn’t felt stronger. I began my journey in this world as Adra’s friend. Arya, obviously, had a certain dislike for me. It didn’t bother me.


                Somewhere, mid - January, the discussions for Shillong continued in the family. It got heavier in Feb, more so in March, and then finally giving up, Pal planned a vacation in the second week of May. It was a ten-day trip to the hills, Adra and Shrini were both too involved in ‘school’ to go - ‘school’ was code for their love lives, which was no secret to the parents anyway. They let it slide, and decided to enjoy the trip with just each other. They left on the 20th of May, the children dropped them off. Frezi, Arya joined Adra and Shrini outside the station. They drove home in Frezi’s car. Shrini, Frezi headed to the room on the ground floor, while Adra and Arya to the one on the first floor. Husky went to the sofa, curled up into a ball and slept. I had called Adra, that night, she told me she was busy and asked me to call back later. The images of her being busy haunted me all night.

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