Influencer Program

We connect brands with talented influencers for paid and barter collaborations on Social Media.

Campus Rep

You’d be expected to market and make sales in and around your college in exchange for goodies etc & in most cases, it will be an affiliate - meaning you get a % of the sales you generate. The role here is head of cap - which functions as the same thing as CAP plus the added responsibility of leading the unit. If the team does well, it may lead to a full position in the organisation if that’s something you are interested in.


an author could either choose to be reviewed by our entire panel, a part of the panel or by just any individual reviewer listed on our site. The details of each reviewer are posted below and it can help you better make the choice to contact any of them.


We will be creating Telegram Groups, so no one can steal your contact info, & these communities will have a mentor who will help guide you to be a better Creator & maybe to Insta Fame. We hope to build a place where everyone can become better creators, one day maybe you can all be Mentors.


This is a small business/start-up - so you are not employees - you are partners. Which means if the business doesn't do well our compensation also doesn't do well.
Join only if you are okay with this criteria ^

You aren't meant to follow, you are meant to lead, please understand this crucial difference.