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What is Felicity:-

We aim to build and cultivate a creators community that writes, draws, designs, photographs, music - actually, it's a long list - can anyone really define creations? We won't try to do that but we will try to bring it all in one place, with no discrimination or judgement. Anything creative can be shared here and maybe we can help each other grow, maybe people can see your work and buy it off you - but the goal isn't that - the goal is simple, to build a creators community.

Goals & Ambitions:-

- School: We hope to one day open a free for all art college, where creativity is the only goal. 
- Opportunities: We wish to provide an artistic opportunity to everyone everywhere. 
- Collaborate: We wish to create a comfortable and collaborative environment for all creators.
- Create: We wish to enable creators to create better, efficient art. 
- Support: We wish to support creators by providing them with an income source. 
- Media & Content: We wish to create innovative and thoughtful content. 

How can you support us:-

- Follow, Like, Etc
- Support our artists
- Submit your art, Subscribe to our website.

- Attend our events

Posting on our site or page:-

- Free: You can mail us your work at and we will process the same in 14 days. 

           You can read more about the same over,

- Paid: You can choose to pay to promote your work, in which case you skip the line and selection process and are directly posted on our channels, on our Communities.


- Marketing: We have a follower base of 15,000 Followers on Instagrammer, 2500 Subscribers on this site, and 1500 people in our various community groups and the countless others that visit us daily. You can reach all these people with a click of a button. 
- Content: We can help you create innovatively, thought-provoking content with the help of our incredible talented individuals. 
- Events: We can help you better manage, and promote your events. 
- Talent: We represent a lot of people, and can represent you or help you get in touch with the people we represent. 
- CAP: We have a Campus Ambassador Program that ranges through 40 colleges across India, we can help you mobilise this force to promote your product. 


- Books
- Art
- Style
- Review Panel

Social Causes:-

- Mental Health
- Northeast
- Pride

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